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History of EFIC

Concept of EFIC from Aug 2001 to 2004:

Since the increase of dropouts from schools in Kalmunai in the late 2001 and the subsequent increase in child labourers, many poor families underwent difficulties to educate their children financially. The school teaching had severely governed by number of private institutions in which the curricular activities in schools failed to give proper care on the underachievers that severely damaged the education of poor students who were unable to attend private institutions. Since then, some poor students got ready to leave their schools and started to involve in farming and fishing which are famous in the region. At this juncture, a group of old students from the same area conceived the theme of EFIC and enhanced the education of poor children by way of conducting extra classes at Al-Bahriya Maha Vidyalaya and 54, Sahibu Road Kalmunai.5.

After the Tsunami in December 2004:

In the beginning of 2005, all schools in the region were refugee’s camp and some of them were totally devastated by natural calamity. People rushed to get helps from government and non-government agents and tried to stabilize their life for such extent. Many people were affected by mental illness since they have lost their beloved ones and they were unbearable.

At the same time, our classroom situated at 54, Sahibu Road Kalmunai.5 was vanished and we lost many valuable documents, books, and records. Most of our members and students lost their homes and their kith and kin. It took 2 months for us to redeem from the pain and injury and later we were in a sorry state of not knowing how to re-establish the services.

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On the other hand, some of the private institutions had started to educate pupils and the situations became normal day by day. In the absence of school education, parents sent their children to tuition classes in order not to interrupt their education for a long time. However the students come from poor families were still staying in refugees camp and wooden shelters without any possibility to resume their learning and they were not afford to pay for education at private institutions. As you could feel from the situation, we were very much anxious and eager to restart the services with the resources available at any cost. However we were not financially capable to rebuild the classrooms and furniture.

April 2005

Having considered the circumstances, we determined to resume our services the next day. We invited all our past students and rushed them to make vigilance to the society on the importance of education. As a result, our classrooms were full of students that could not be capable to hold since the number of beneficiaries became suddenly increasing in the aftermath. Meantime we made collaboration with Iqbal Community Centre (ICC), one of the leading organizations in our area, to continue our services for the next 6 months under their provision of classroom facilities which eased accommodation of increased beneficiaries.

October 2005

While we were collaborating with ICC, we constructed a new classroom at 54, Sahibu Road Kalmunai.5 simultaneously. After 6 months services completed with ICC, we moved to new classrooms at 54, Sahibu Road Kalmunai-5 under the leadership of brothers M.M. Siraji, A.J. Mohamed Thazeem, A.M. Naleem and S. Mohamed Akram. A group of teachers were organized to lead the services and continued their teaching as usual.

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"Acquire knowledge, and learn tranquilty and dignity"
                                                                                                  Omar Ibn Al-Khatab (RA)
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